A Perfect Springtime Location

A cemetery may seem like an unlikely location for a photo shoot, but the Mount Royal Cemetery, located on the north slope of Mount Royal in the borough of Outremont, is one of the most picturesque locations to shoot at in Montreal, especially during the spring. Furthermore, it is open to the public and no permit is required to shoot there.

Mount Royal Cemetery was the location of this ethereal shoot that I did with the lovely Elisabeth Fallen, with the help of makeup artist Margarita Stolbikova and assistant Erin Murphy. The location was recommended to me by Sylvain Blais – fashion photographer and art director extraordinaire of Dress to Kill Magazine fame – when I was fortunate enough to be under his guidance during my studies at Inter-Dec College.

Incorporated as a garden cemetery in 1847 and established in 1852, it is one of oldest rural cemeteries in North America. Covering 165 acres, it is home to over 100 tree and shrub species, including species rarely grown in Montreal, and is a haven to over 145 species of birds. In 1999, it was designated a National Historic Site of Canada. 

There may still be snow on the ground, but before you know it, the spring will be in bloom in Montreal. I certainly hope that I will get the chance to shoot at the Mount Royal Cemetery again this year. I will soon be launching a spring promotion, so please stay tuned...

Mount Royal Cemetery
Bleeding Hearts at Mount Royal Cemetery