Echo & Narcissus Revisited

These are my shots from the Concept Collaboration meetup that I hosted with the one and only Clément Guégan. The theme was 'In Reflection' and I was largely inspired by the Greek myth of Echo & Narcissus.

The lovely Dea Kaizoku, our model for the afternoon, is depicted as a hybrid of both Narcissus (who fell in love with his own reflection) and the wood nymph Echo, whose love he rejected. For me, personally, this self-love represents a need to be more forgiving of myself and to trust my creative process. The crown of branches (which I crafted myself and weighs a ton, BTW) represents my debilitating self-doubt, the burden I put on myself as an artist. She is bound in fabric (cheesecloth, to be precise) which symbolises feelings of constraint, as I often feel bound by my limitations. I added the windblown fabric to express the need to accept my limitations and free myself from those constraints.