I was confident that Deena would capture the right mood of what I had in mind. Especially with the consultation and mood boards beforehand, I felt comfortable communicating my ideas with her. During the photo shoot, I liked when she gave specific feedback about what was working, and what wasn’t! Deena has such a creative spirit, and is a highly skilled photographer. The amount of work and planning she puts in before the actual photo shoot really put me at ease, and made the whole shooting process comfortable, fun, and successful!
— Katherine Watson, Montreal, QC
My daughter was 5 years old at the time of the photo shoot and she has never been cooperative to smile in front of professional photographers. I was worried that she would be fussy and difficult. At the time of the photo session, Mélody was beyond happy to see Deena and everything went perfectly fine.

At one point, Mélody stopped listening and started to become impatient which is normal for a 5 year old... I thought it was the end of the session but then Deena took her gently away and calmed Mélody down by talking to her about flowers and butterflies. My daughter regained her smile and energy and was able to shoot for another 45 minutes! Incredible!

My favourite part of the photo shoot was outside of the greenhouse when shooting Mélody popping the bubbles. I thought it was very original and it reflects her true self in the pictures. I totally recommend Deena’s services; not only is she a great professional photographer, her editing work is natural and fresh to the eyes. She respects her schedules, and has a very strong work ethic. Not to mention she is the best with kids.
— Julie-Anh Nguyen, Montreal, QC
I had full trust in Deena and knew that the photos would be great. I only worried that they would not be what Lila’s agent was looking for because she is very picky. My fear did not come true because the photos were gorgeous and the retouching was flawless. I loved that Deena was patient and kind with Lila and worked with her and let her pose as she wished instead of making her pose to what she wanted. I have recommended Deena several times and told people that she is super with kids; kids love her and she is easy to work with. She is also very professional and I felt very respected and involved as a client.
— Jill Tyrer, Montreal, QC
As the mother of four children, I was worried that my rambunctious youngest would not be able to be photographed; he just moves too much! But Deena was so patient and entertaining that all of my children, even the painfully shy one, ended up having the best time, which resulted in the most stunning photos to treasure. I love the whimsy, the beauty and the true personalities shining through in every photo. Don’t like being photographed, or are not photogenic? Deena will make you feel so comfortable and beautiful that you won’t believe you can look so good in pictures!
— Isabelle Phillips, Farmington, CT