The Duran Duran Project

This is a series, near and dear to my heart, paying tribute to the women of three Rio-era Duran Duran videos: Rio, Hungry Like The Wolf and The Chauffeur. The Rio homage was shot on location on Archambault Lake in St.Donat, Quebec. The Hungry Like The Wolf homage was shot in the forest of Mount Royal in Montreal. The Chauffeur homage was shot in the parking garage of Lasalle College, also in Montreal. 

My only hope is that Duran Duran know just how much they are appreciated by an up and coming photographer in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For over thirty years, they have inspired me and in all honesty, it was because of them that I found the courage to end a 15 year teaching career and follow my passion by embarking on a whole new career path. So, thank you Duran Duran.

I'd like to thank the talented models, makeup artists and hairstylists who helped make this dream become a reality. I spent several weeks organising my teams, scouting locations and finding the right wardrobe and props to pull these shoots off. 

Models: Viviane Trottier, Rachel C, Andréanne St-Amant 

Makeup Artists: Margarita Stolbikova, Sindhu Kathaa

Hairstylists: Joel David, Sindhu Kathaa, Kim Leclerc

Assistants: Vikki Snyder, Philippe Daaboul, Lyne St-Jacques